Etiquette  Essentials


Upon my arrival I ask that you are freshly showered + well groomed. Teeth brushed, hands scrubbed, deodorant/no body odor, etc.


The honorarium gift should be counted and ready. Please leave it fanned out and in plain view for me to find. You may also leave the honorarium in the bathroom, as I will generally freshen up when I arrive. If it must be in an envelope, please be sure it is unsealed with my name written on it, and again in plain sight. Cash is preferred, but I do accept credit card now. If your card is declined in person (for the full amount), a $200 appearance cancellation will be charged. Please confer with your card company beforehand to determine credit availability and daily limits. Added honorarium, or ‘tips’ are always welcome and appreciated.


My minimum honorarium is non-negotiable (That is $1000/hr). It is very simply the amount it takes for me to spend the day prepping to meet with you. Anything less than the minimum honorarium, and it is not worth the money, time & energy it takes me to get pretty and girly for a date. This time is usually between one and two days of waxing and shaving, hair, nails, tanning, and other girly preparations!  


I do not tolerate any explicit sexual discussions. I would never discuss or agree to any sexual acts, neither before nor during our date. This includes in person, via email, or by text . I am agreeing to meet with you for a specified period of time, but not agreeing to what we will do during that time together. I can only guarantee my company, and that I will be present and attentive to you during that time.


Wardrobe requests are happily entertained. However, my normal wardrobe will be an evening dress, usually black, lingerie including thigh high stockings and high heels. If you have a request that's different from my norm, or want to make sure ill have my thigh highs on for example, then please do. If it is something unusually specific or something I would have to go out and buy, I may require an upfront extra payment, or that you buy it and send it, or bring it for me to our appointment. I love shoes and dresses and stockings... gifts are always welcome =)

Donations are for my time only and gifted per hour.  If you go over that time, an additional gift would be added. If you would like to extend our time together, please immediately take care of additional donations at the beginning of our extra time together. Be prepared for this possibility, as it often happens. Let me know how much extra time you would like, and I would be delighted to accommodate. Tho overnight or longer visits must be planned in advance, I have pets at home and need to make arrangements accordingly. 

Please always be respectful of my time, and I promise to always be respectful and non-rushed with yours. Be a gentleman. It takes a true Man to be kind, courteous and act with honor & integrity. Please practice this demeanor with me in person, as well as via text, and email. It is an admirable quality, and you will always receive the same in return.


Please DO NOT arrive heavily intoxicated or under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. There is nothing worse than someone who is high/drunk and incoherent. It's dangerous and uncomfortable for me, and not the aspect of humanity I wish to spend my time with. If you want to share a bottle of champagne or wine, please be sure it is unopened when I arrive. I rarely consume alcohol, but can enjoy a half glass wine or quality champagne with you for our date. I don’t do any drugs.


I anticipate you to be healthy and well taken care of. I am very cautious and safe with my body and mind. My body is my temple and my health is top priority. I expect health and safety to be your priority as well. I do not partake in or suggest any unsafe activities.


I reserve the right to end our time together on the spot, without notice if you fail to comply with the essentials. Deposits will not be refunded, so please be on your best behavior.


I ask that you recognize and be respectful of my time. Please do not email me with an “offer” to date, or for me to live with you, to buy me dinner/drinks, go to the movies with you or just hang out with you or any other offer, without including an offered honorarium for my time. These “offers” are at best flattering yet silly, and on a less than bright day may be taken as an insult. Please recognize & remember that while I absolutely love spending time with you and while we may have amazing chemistry, that doesn't change the fact that I have rent and bills to pay and that your generosity with honorariums is what allows me to continue to pay those bills. I’m sure that you would charge your clients even if you adore them, right? The sales clerk at the grocery store doesn't give me free groceries because he really likes me, right? The sales agent at NBC doesn't give you free airtime because she thinks you're a standup guy, right? Just like any Professional, I charge for my time. Please respect that. A girl has bills to pay! If you have money to give and need attention, then I have attention to give. Simple.


That being said, I WOULD entertain the possibility of an EXCLUSIVE SUGAR DADDY RELATIONSHIP. However, I would only consider this offer with a gentleman that I have already spent a lot of time with. Agreeing to a relationship with someone you don’t know and have never met is silly. I need to know what kind of person you are, and how we connect on different levels. I would only enter into a relationship if there was chemistry and I knew we worked well together. Honestly, I get many offers like this a month, but I would never agree to enter into a contract with a stranger... that seems like it's obvious, but you'd be surprised at the number of people who ask. 


For contacting me... I prefer you get yourself verified & screened FIRST. I do not have a voice phone, only text and email. You will almost always get a much quicker and more detailed response that way. I almost always share my personal details (like my personal number) once we’ve met and had a successful date.  I am a very open and friendly person and once we have built trust, then that relationship blossoms. I must ask that you please NEVER share my number under ANY circumstance. Even if it is a referral request to another agency or model.

Please remember that I absolutely love to hear from you after our date. Reviews are welcome. I'm rated 10/10 =) You can also let me know if there is anything special you would like for our next engagement. Kind texts, presents, and notes are remembered for weeks and months to come. Please also know that I always keep in touch with those accepted into my small circle of friends, tho usually by text. I will tell you right now tho, I am not a big phone person and rarely pick up calls and never check my voicemail... So don’t take it personally when I text you 7 weeks later saying I just heard your voicemail. I’m terrible with anyone’s voice call.


When filling out the Reservation sheet, you acknowledge that you have read, and agree to the Essential guidelines set forth above. I look forward to meeting you for our very special encounter.


Love love love, Ashley Steel